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Personal training in a class format

Metafit is a non-choreographed, bodyweight only workout that sets the metabolism on fire. If you want to burn maximum calories, lose weight, tone up or get super fit in just 30 minutes, this is for you! It's great for all ages and fitness levels and you can adapt the exercises to suit you too. Metafit can be taught in small groups, classes or individually on a one-to-one basis.

Metafit - the 30 minute class that lasts 24 hours.

Metafit "Bad Boy" workout at the Mega Metafit event at Sportspace in June 2015. This is the finisher - the last 5 minutes at the end of the workout.

Metafit HIIT Training


What is Metafit?

Metafit uses a selection of tried and tested bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squats, burpees, etc, done to great music with voice commands (see video below). As your coach, I'll help you adopt the correct technique for each exercise and assist you with maintaining the correct form.

What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training involves intervals of short-burst high-intensity activity interspersed by recovery that aims to improve aerobic fitness. Because intensity is high, the duration of the session is short (any longer than 30 minutes and it’s not a HIIT workout). Metafit™ workouts are based on the HIIT principle that results in an efficient and effective form of exercise. It's tough, but that's why it works.

Do I need to be really fit to do a Metafit session?

The beauty of this workout is that the exercises performed in each session can be regressed or progressed to suit all fitness levels and abilities. Everyone is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses – you work to your maximum, whatever that is and I will ensure you are doing the exercise at a level that is appropriate for you. And, best of all, the fitter you get, the harder you can work out.

Is it really just 30 minutes?

Actually it's shorter! But because all Metafit sessions include a dynamic mobilisation warm-up, we always allow 30 minutes for each session. The main Metafit set, depending on the workout selected, will usually last between 17-23 minutes. It's the ideal workout to slot into a busy lifestyle!

How many times a week should I do a Metafit session?

Metafit HQ recommend no more than 3 times a week works best. We don't encourage any more often than that because this won’t give your muscles adequate time to recover or your body time to completely return to homeostasis. Quality not quantity every time!

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Freestyle Fitness Yoga (FFY) is a contemporary approach to yoga that mixes traditional yoga postures, stretches and balances with fitness principles. Whereas traditional yoga tends to combine both the physical and spiritual experience, in Freestyle Fitness Yoga we concentrate on the physical aspect, using yoga postures that endorse strength, stability and increase flexibility, improve respiration, energy and vitality. It also helps with a balanced metabolism, weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health, as well as improved athletic performance and protection from injury.


Freestyle Fitness Yoga is designed to get the very best out of everyone, including complete beginners and display a constant change in performance. We use a synchronisation of movement, breathing and focus and you should expect to see an improvement in your flexibility and strength within 8 weeks. You will learn how to move through the postures more effectively and efficiently, improving your posture, self awareness and confidence. Sessions conclude with a short period of relaxation and meditation, allowing you to find an equilibrium state in body and mind.

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Freestyle Fitness Yoga specifically targets flexibilty, stability and strength. It is a total body programme where flexibility is often the weakest link. When regularly performed on both sides of the body, we aim to identify and work to improve upon areas of imbalance; these are usually the result of poor posture and overuse. Classes will include the following components:


  • Sun salutations
  • Joint mobility and range of motion
  • Standing postures
  • Seated and/or lying postures
  • Relaxation


Classes are usually 45 - 60 minutes. Want to know more? Please get in touch - I welcome all enquiries!

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