I asked a wide selection of my clients to provide some testimonials and feedback about their experiences with me, which you can read below. All testimonials are featured exactly as they were written, however to protect certain peoples' identities I have only included their first name as requested. Further feedback, testimonials and reviews can also be found on the Facebook page.

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"From the Weight Loss Challenge I enjoyed – The Handouts, the weighing & measuring, tastings, class/group discussions, support from my coach Renata…. I learned more over the past 12 weeks about eating healthily, a well balanced diet and how my body works than I did in two years as a Slimming World Consultant! The weekly handouts are so valuable; I have been given the tools to look after my health and wellbeing for the rest of my life!"

Rachel Snowden

“I love coming to Metafit because it's quicker paced with different exercises every minute, and is all over in less than 30 minutes leaving you feeling like you’ve done a full hour exercise class. You push yourself as an individual rather than trying to keep up with a group so you get out what you put in. The aches two days later are a sweet reminder that you have worked hard.”

Jackie, York

"Hi Renata, just to let you know how much I enjoy your HIIT classes at the Gym on Saturday mornings.

I’ve been a member at Xercise for some years now, and although approaching 70 years old, don’t have too much difficulty keeping up with the younger people, as there are alternative exercises for people with knee replacements and old bones! The classes are good fun and great for getting fitter and toning up - I must be one of the few old ladies who can admit to having both Guns and Bingo Wings on my arms.

Despite my advanced age, I’m now fitter than I’ve ever been in my life, and I think it’s due to the friendly atmosphere at the gym, and the many friends I’ve made since joining four years ago. Please keep up the excellent work!"

Helen Hushon-Brown

(a.k.a Hell’s Granny by her grandchildren!)


"Renata Perini is one of my very good friends and I have had the pleasure of knowing her since I was a small child. She is one of the most kind hearted, thoughtful women I have ever met. She has the softest voice and has a calming effect on probably everyone who is lucky enough to meet her!  As well as being a truly talented person, across various disciplines she always gives people her time and puts great effort and love into everything she does, whether it’s for her fitness training, in which to help people gain a healthy body and mind, to her wonderful spiritual healing powers of Reiki which she does so well and with such grace and care. She is a true inspiration to all and I am honoured that she is in my life . . . Renata is an Angel. A friend forever."



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