Who is Renata?

Renata is an Italian living in York, a fun-loving, thoughtful, considerate lady who loves to share.

A motivational fitness coach who loves to help anyone over 35, lead a healthy, active lifestyle and is passionate about enjoying: ‘La Dolce Vita’ – ‘The Sweet Life’.

As a Lifestyle Coach, she incorporates all different areas of her business into this realm, from your fitness motivator to help you champion your personal growth. 
Having experienced her own personal life journey with its ups and downs, she empathises with those that are going through a similar journey to her.

​Renata is the perpetual “agony aunt”, the great listener, compassionate and supportive, and always ready with helpful suggestions. She discovered Lifestyle Coaching as a fantastic way for her to ‘pay-it-forward’ and decided to link this with her Italian culture and style. 

Renata loves helping you to enjoy and embrace the benefits of a healthy nutritious way of eating, especially the Mediterranean approach. 

She entered the wellness industry when her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, and this led her to investigate and research further into nutrition and fitness on our overall well-being.

She has now realised there are 4 pillars to our good health and wellness and having experienced first-hand personal tragedy, traumas, grief and illness, thankfully also the happier side of life.

Renata today loves to offer you: The Lifestyle Coaching Approach – adding all these different principles into our lives. ‘La Dolce Vita’ with Renata is a journey into many aspects and areas of our lives.

Finally, the environment and helping Mother Nature is also particularly close to her heart, as she also feels this connection through being a Reiki healing practitioner.



MISSION: To Motivate Busy People Over 35 to Lead A Healthy Active Lifestyle

VISION: Passionately Inspiring You To Follow Your Dream & Heart Through Lifestyle Coaching. Enjoying The Italian "La Dolce Vita / The Sweet Life" Lifestyle. 

VALUES: To Inspire & Help You Believe In Yourself, Incorporating The 'Pillars of Life' Into Your Lifestyle