Superhero Snacking - What a graze idea! 

I have been subscribing to these snack boxes for a little while now and they have been a great alternative to our snacking choices especially when we are out and about. 

What we love about them is that they are packed with FIBRE or PROTEIN without the salt and sugar overload! 

I am SO very happy to share my very exclusive code with as many of you who would like to give graze a try on either a weekly or fortnightly basis, so click on this link:

What exactly do you get?

Anyone that uses my code above when they sign up will get their first graze box for free, and if you choose to stick around longer, you'll get your fifth and tenth boxes free too. This is the best possible offer with which to join graze!

What boxes can you use my discounts on?

You can use this offer on any of their 4 snack boxes.
1) Variety 
2) Light 
3) Protein 
4) Vegan 

Your discounts can't be used on shop items or special edition boxes.

Is there any small print?

The only rules are that the above reward code can't be used in conjunction with other offers and you can only use one reward per box. Once you've claimed your discounts, we'll apply them automatically to your orders when they get sent.

What we love about these boxes is that the box, leaflet, and tray inside is recyclable: The small band around the box and the snack tray lids are not recyclable yet!  

Graze is also thinking about the future too...

- Their snack factory is Wind Powered
- There is 50% Recycled plastic in their snack trays
- They pledge to reach Net Carbon by 2030

If you have any questions or like to know more about GRAZE then please visit their website: