MONDAY: LIVE Reiki Distance Healing - 1st & 3rd Monday of every month [at 8pm UK Time for 30 min]

Location:     Address: Zoom

Instructor: Renata Perini

What You Will Need?
Get yourself a lovely cup of tea or glass of water
Relax in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for approx 30min
Light a candle and if you like, burn some incense or use a diffuser 
Select 20 mins of Meditative Music to play during our energy work

What Will We do
Together we will perform a meditative practice. 
Then I will send the Reiki Healing over you. 
I will share some positive affirmations 
You will connect to this source from your home
I will end the session with a positive inspiring message

You don't need to have your Zoom camera on, I just like to know it is you, so to let you in the meeting

Please book-in if you are interested to join me. 

£7.99 Pay as you go ticket to attend. If you cannot afford to join in but would still like to receive healing, please contact me. 

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